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What is  iPECS Cloud?

iPECS Cloud is a  Best-In-Class UCaaS solution  accommodated to the cloud environment. iPECS Cloud contains  Agility, Flexibility  and  Simplicity  on top of the proven technology of Ericsson-LG Enterprise, leading in business communications. Equipped with a variety of end-points, applications and features, iPECS Cloud could be your smart option for your communication system.

  • Business Applicationmore
  • UC&Cmore
  • Securitymore
  • Telephony Essentialmore
  • IP Phonesmore
  • Managementmore
  • Business Application
    Business Application
    Contact Center ACD Report Auto Attendant Call Recording WebFAX Audio Conference Bridge Web Conference Analytics
  • UC&C
    Desktop/Mobile Client for UCRemote Call Control for MS Lync/SfBIM, PresenceAudio/Video Conferencing
  • Security
    IPKTS ProtocolExtension/Media/Trunk SBCRedundancy and Geo-RedundancyData EncryptionStrong AuthenticationCall Fraud Protection
  • Telephony Essential
    Telephony Essential
    Hunt/Pickup/Paging GroupVoice MailMulti/One/Share NumberMobile ExtensionHot DeskRemote OfficeEtc.
  • IP Phones
    IP Phones
    LIP-9071 Premium Video Phone LIP-9000 Series IP DECT* Some 3rd Party SIP Phones can be integrated
  • Management
    ManagementBackend Portal for Service Provider/ResellerFrontend Portal for IT Manager/End User